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On Brand Marketing

100% On-Brand Themes to Maintain Brand Consistency & Integrity

Unlike most Email Marketing Platforms we don’t load up hundreds of templates for you to choose from.
Instead we create a custom ‘On-Brand’ theme that adheres to your strict Brand Style Guide, and only have that theme in your account.


Look Impeccable in the Inbox

Email renders differently in every email client. When creating a newsletter template, it’s extremely important to ensure it's responsive and readable on every device.
That’s why all of our themes are tested and quality assured across 70+ different email clients and mobile devices.


Use the Power of SMS Messaging to Engage with Your Customers

Instant deliverability means instant communication. With SMS messaging you can send appointment confirmations, updates or alerts directly to your customers.
And with 95 per cent of SMS content opened within three minutes of being sent, it’s one of the quickest ways to get your customers’ attention.


Place Your Campaigns in the Recipient’s Inbox at Exactly the Right Time!

Our Timezone features works on 2 tiers:
Based on the timezone of the local store;
Based on the timezone of the recipient.
For example, if you set the time to 9am, a recipient in Sydney will be sent the campaign at 9am in Sydney, while a recipient in San Francisco will be sent the campaign at 9am in San Francisco.


Australia-based Support Just For You

Located in Australia, we’re here with you, in your timezone. If you ever need anything you can get help by:
Phone (an actual 1300 number)
Email (an actual person, not a chatbot)
Chat (we respond within minutes)
Knowledge Base (text, screenshots and videos)
Franchisors and Head Office Marketing also get a dedicated Account Manager who understands your unique requirements.


Powerful Features

Brand Compliant Themes

Create themes specific to your brand and only have those themes available in your accounts. Making it a breeze to be 100% brand compliant.

Easy to use Drag and Drop Editor

At the heart of Onesend is our easy to use drag-n-drop editor. Build a template in seconds, and adjust the content easily for your campaigns!

Pushdown Campaigns

At the push of a button send a campaign out to all your franchisees contacts on behalf of the franchisee, the recipient experiences a personalised and localised message as if sent by their local store/outlet.

Powerful Web Forms

Create beautiful and dynamic webforms with our web form builder, from simple subscribe forms to complex multipage surveys and questionnaires. Easily embed your forms on website pages and social media pages.

Custom Fields

Your valuable customer data will be organised and actionable. Automatically consolidate your communication and use sales automation to drive deals forward.

Dynamic Segments

Let the customer data do the work for you, dynamically segment based on customer data, such as age, gender, or location. Use custom fields to get really specific.


Track marketing effectiveness and ROI with analytics that give you a view of the performance of your overall marketing initiatives.

Share everything!

Share all your marketing assets with your Franchisees. Templates, logos, images, webforms can all be shared easily to your franchisees accounts. Updates in the top account appear dynamically in the sub accounts.

Open APIs & Integrations

Want to sync your CRM, ERP, POS or any other software with Onesend? Sure thing! Our API will let you integrate your existing data with our platform.

Single Customer Record

Having a single point of truth is critical when building your customer profiles. We ensure you’ll never have duplicate records meaning you’ll have rich customer information for quality campaigns.

Spam Compliance

We provide a range of features that help ensure you’re compliant with SPAM laws. From built-in ‘opt out’ links, to company identity tags, we've built in the tools to keep you on the right side of the law.

Unlimited Administrators

Most enterprise platforms charge you for the number of administrators you have. We don’t. Add as many admins as you need to run your business & your marketing effectively.

On Brand Marketing
Maintain your brand consistency & integrity

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