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Retail Express Integration

POSIFiQ + Retail Express Deep Data Integration

POSIFiQ Connects Retail Express, the #1 POS Software in Australia & NZ
with ActiveCampaign, the #1 Sales & Marketing Automation Platform in the world

Retail Express Integration

Everything from Starter, plus additional purchase history
Order NumberCustomer NumberOrder Statusis Refund
WHIDCustomer ReferenceDate Createdis WebOrder
Warehouse NameOrder Status IDOrder Total
Product IDManufacturer Product ID (SKU)Carton QtySeason
Short DescriptionProduct Type CodeDate CreatedCustom 1
Supplier Product ID (SKU)BrandOrder TotalCustom 2
Custom 3

Everything from Starter, plus additional purchase history
Order NumberCustomer NumberOrder Statusis Refund
WHIDCustomer ReferenceDate Createdis WebOrder
Warehouse NameOrder Status IDOrder Total
Product IDManufacturer Product ID (SKU)Carton QtySeason
Short DescriptionProduct Type CodeDate CreatedCustom 1
Supplier Product ID (SKU)BrandOrder TotalCustom 2
Custom 3

Typical Retail Express Customers using POSIFiQ + ActiveCampaign

No matter how you're setup using Retail Express, you can easily integrate with ActiveCampaign using one of our POSIFiQ Plans.

Single Store
Single REX Database


Store + Ecommerce
Single REX Database


Multi-Store &
Multiple REX Databases


How does it work?

1. Connect your Retail Express and Ecommerce

We effortlessly connect your Retail Express account and your ecommerce to sync your entire customer base, including their FULL purchase history with ActiveCampaign.

2. Segment your customers

Using demographics, purchase history, POS data, Ecommerce data, browsing behaviour and campaign behaviour you can easily sort your customers into highly targeted segments. These segments could be 'lost customers', customers that are 'slipping away', 'VIPs', 'brand evangelists', 'regular shoppers', 'regular refunders', 'big spenders', 'low spenders', 'baby boomers' or 'millenials', 'Bronze/Silver/Gold' you name it you can segment it.

3. Make every campaign you send feel personal

Send exactly what your contacts want to see. Be it win back campaigns, up-sell/cross-sell offers, review requests, discount offers, loyalty rewards, birthday offers, and much more, you can create the right message for the right person for the right time.

4. Supercharge with Automation

Now that you've got all you customers synced, sorted, and segmented, and have crafted the perfect message for all occasions, you can now automate your efforts using the powerful Customer Experience Automation capabilities from ActiveCampaign.


With ActiveCampaign you'll be able to select the right channel for the right message.


You should be able to send the email campaigns that make sense for your business. That’s why we gave you as much control over your email as possible.

Broadcast emails
Sometimes you need to talk to everyone at once. Send one-time email campaigns to anyone on your list.
Triggered emails
Trigger emails based on purchase. Or site visits. Or engagement. Automatically send emails when your contacts are most interested.
Targeted emails
Make sure the right message gets to the right person. Group your audience into segments based on almost any factor.
Email autoresponders
Get in touch right away. Send welcome emails, start a welcome series, or deliver lead magnets automatically.
Email funnels
Sell more with email. Set up email automation that turns your contacts from interested leads to paying customers.
Scheduled emails
Schedule emails for a specific date and time. Perfect for events, holidays, birthdays, and sales teams.



Send your marketing straight into their pockets. Text message and SMS marketing reach people on the go. SMS campaign automation makes it easy to reach people when they’re out and about.

What’s the open rate of a text message?
People “check” email. They “get” SMS messages. Boasting an open rate of 90%, your contacts are extremely likely to read texts—which makes them perfect for reminder messages and flash sales.
Subscribe via SMS
Add automated SMS sending to your automation work flows and send follow ups to your contacts, notify sales agents, and more. Define the exact delivery time schedule so that you send at the optimal day and time.
Manage and collect phone numbers
Import your contacts with phone numbers or manually manage your existing contacts. Collect phone numbers with custom forms on your website, so you can stay in touch with text campaigns when your contacts are on the go.
Automatic opt-out and unsubscribe management
It’s easy to unsubscribe. If anyone wants to stop getting SMS messages, they can reply with "STOP" or "UNSUBSCRIBE" at any time. We’ll automatically unsubscribe them from your SMS campaigns.
Automate your SMS marketing
You can add SMS messages as a step in your automations. That means you can send scheduled text message notifications and campaigns automatically.



The conversations live chat tool helps you turn website visitors into valuable contacts.

Give people a warm welcome on your website
Don’t leave your visitors hanging. Talk directly with visitors and create contacts – directly on your website.
Just one click, and you see the entire contact history
Conversations lets you connect your chat and email information to the contact record you have in ActiveCampaign. That keeps all the sales and support data you need in one place—and helps you give your customers a better experience.
Make your support more supportive
Give people the support they need, when they need it. Conversations connects to all the info you already have – so that your team has each contact’s info at their fingertips.
Take your conversations mobile
The conversations mobile app for both iOS and Android lets you take your conversations into the field. Get notifications, respond to chats, and create great experiences from anywhere.


Site Messages

When people visit your site, they want to hear from you Site messages help you follow up at the exact moment your audience is most engaged.

What can you say in a site message?
Site messages are a new channel. Which means you can make offers that are hard to make in your other marketing.
Share a company update
Do you have something to announce? Put a site message on the pages relevant to your announcement.
Add a human touch
Add a personal touch by messaging each contact individually.
Give visitors a strong call to action.
At the moment your contacts are engaged, ask them to buy.
Make it personal
Send custom messages based on a contact’s interactions with your business, history on your website, and information you’ve collected.
Perfectly timed
Trigger site messages using automations, so that they reach your contacts at the most persuasive moment.
Grab attention
Customizable design means you can create stunning messages that catch the eye. Choose colors, icons, layouts, and imagery that fit with your brand.


Facebook Custom Audiences

Get in front of your audience where they are. Turn scrollers into customers. Facebook Custom Audiences lets you target each contact based on where they are in the customer experience.

Why follow up with Facebook Ads?
On Facebook, people scroll looking for something to pay attention to. Facebook Ads offer razor-sharp targeting and trackable cost per lead, so that you can reach the type of person that will pay attention to you.
What does a Facebook Ad follow-up look like?
Your audience cares about different things at each stage of their customer experience. Add or remove people from or to Facebook Custom Audiences to make sure that you’re always showing them a Facebook Ad they care about.
What can you target people based on?
You can add people to Facebook Custom Audiences automatically. When you run your Facebook Ads through an automation step, you can target your audience based on almost any behavior.




When your forms convert better, you get more Customers
Sign-up forms let you capture contact information. But they can also tag people based on their interests, start a welcome series, and send follow-up notifications to your team.

Collect contact information, then make a great first impression
When are your contacts most engaged? Right after they give you their contact info! Onesend forms can trigger actions that let you follow up immediately.
Start an automation
Start a welcome series. Or deliver a lead magnet. Don’t wait to nurture your contacts.
Add a tag
Track where leads come from and what they’re interested in. Segment your contacts right away.
Add to lists or deals
Keep your contacts organized by adding them to multiple lists or segments.
4 types of forms to choose from
Not every page needs the same type of form. Choose from four form types to convert more visitors into contacts. Inline Form, Floating Box, Modal Pop-up, Floating Bar.
Give your forms a makeover
Your forms can have any look you like. Use the forms designer to add images, adjust layouts, or change the color scheme.
Find your best customers with custom fields
Qualify your leads or start segmenting immediately. Custom form fields mean you can ask for any information you need.
Show forms at the right time
A form displayed at the right time can increase conversions. Show forms on scroll to convert more visitors.
Add forms to your website in just a few clicks
The sign-up forms designer gives you what you need to embed your customized form. If you use WordPress, our plugin handles form embeds in seconds.


Retail brands are saving hundreds of hours and making thousands of dollars
each month by using POSIFiQ + ActiveCampaign

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