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  • Build an automated marketing machine with ActiveCampaign and your POS system.

    Build an automated marketing machine with ActiveCampaign and your POS system.

    Online or In-store...more customers, more sales, more often with Onesend's ActiveCampaign integration.

An Integration solution powered by POSIFiQ

Onesend was the fastest growing ActiveCampaign Technology Partner in APAC. We are the preferred ActiveCampaign integration solution partner of POS Systems including Retail Express and Infinity POS.

Our POSIFiQ is a sophisticated Integration App that connects POS Systems with ActiveCampaign. It enables retailers to combine in-store and online touchpoints that enrich the customer experience through sales and marketing automation. 

Onesend have built up an extensive understanding of the powerful features of ActiveCampaign and the rich data kept within POS Systems and are translating this knowledge into ready-made automation tools for retailers.


Build a scalable, omni-channel lifecycle marketing engine that sets you apart from your rivals.

shopify pos integration Create an endless range of ‘always-on’ automated email and SMS campaigns for all touchpoints in the customer journey.
shopify pos integration Build a profiled database with the powerful in-store surveys and CRM features of Retail Express.
shopify pos integration Deliver fully personalised experiences on your website to maximise engagement and conversions.
shopify pos integration Easily create and maintain audience segments that are dynamically updated in real-time.

The #1 Marketing & CX Automation Platform

Personalised Email & SMS Marketing Campaigns
Hundreds of Pre-Built Automation Campaigns
Drag and Drop Conditional Workflows Builder
Website Visitor Tracking & Scoring
Website Chat
Forms & Landing Pages Builder
Reporting & Revenue Per Campaign Attribution

Retail Marketing Automation made easy.

Efficiently build a continuously profiled customer database and automate omni-channel communications.

Leverage the powerful data capture features of your POS System to build up and maintain a complete, real-time profile of your customers and their in-store and online purchase history.

Then unleash the vast automation capabilities of ActiveCampaign to create segmented, personalised marketing campaigns and customer experiences powered by that data.


Quickly and easily implement all key lifecycle marketing campaigns.

Get access to hundreds of pre-built automation recipes and easily create your own within a few clicks.

  • Abandon Cart Automation
  • Welcome Series Automation
  • Upsell / Cross Sell Automation
  • Birthday Campaign Automation
  • Replenishment Automation
  • Loyalty Point Reminder Automation
  • Product / Customer Review Automation
  • Warranty / Guarantee reminder Automation
  • Quote to Sale Automation
  • Customer Win back sequence

Automate personalised emails & SMS messages based on previous purchases & profile data.

  • Send timely and relevant messages based on data you know has the maximum chance of driving action including past purchase history, loyalty points, demographics and interests.
  • Make every campaign you send feel personal with dynamic content tailored to the individual recipient.
  • Easily create sophisticated multi-touch, multi-channel campaigns with Drag and Drop journey builder.

Create Facebook Ads campaigns targeted at specific segments

  • Automatically push any of your audience segments to Facebook and run laser-targeted ad campaigns.
  • Create campaigns based on those who purchased particular products, loyalty points data and any profile data you have captured.

Easily manage hundreds of campaigns and audiences at scale – ‘set and forget’.

  • Configure the conditions for your audience segments and campaigns once and then let the software keep everything up-to-date thereafter.
  • Contacts are added / removed from audiences and campaigns automatically eliminating the need for constant list building and ‘batch and blast’ campaign admin.
  • Create custom fields and tags to further enhance your profiled data.
  • Get clear, real-time visibility on what campaigns are active for different customers and segments.

Track each visitors behaviour on your website and personalise their ongoing experience.

  • Track which pages your customers visit and score their behaviour to build enhanced profiles on their interests and intent.
  • Have meaningful conversations with your customers while they are most engaged with Web Chat.
  • Easily build web forms and landing pages to provide further personalisation and profiled data capture opportunities.

See the effectiveness and revenue impact of every campaign with powerful, intuitive reporting.

  • See the sales generated from each campaign and which specific customers purchased.
  • Create customised, automated performance goals to evaluate campaigns on the behaviours that matter.
  • Spend less time building reports and more time actioning insights.

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